Hot IPhone 15 Coming Soon What's New? – News See Now!

Hot iPhone 15 Coming Soon What’s New? – News See Now!

iPhone 15

Hot iPhone 15 Coming Soon What’s New? – News See Now!

iPhone 15 has not been released yet, but it has stirred up the electronics market because it promises too many outstanding improvements. So you stay with me in this article to see what surprises and interesting things this iPhone 15 has!

iPhone 15
iPhone 15

Notable Upgrades Of iPhone 15

Apple enthusiasts in particular and the technology world in general, rumors about the iPhone 15 version will be a comeback for Apply to improve sales in the recent period. And maybe, this iPhone 15 will be considered a modern icon because there are changes and improvements in a series of features. Are you curious what the changes and improvements are? Let’s follow KFS to find out!

iPhone 15 Equipped with Type-C Charging Port

“Apple is forced to use USB Type-C for its devices if it wants to do business in the European market.” You do not hear wrong because this is the statement of the European Parliament has been established since October 2022. And under this law, Apple home technology products are forced to conduct their migration on many products such as Macbook , iPad, … and iPhone 15 will be the version that is expected to be equipped with a charging port. USB Type-C.

And if the above information is completely true, the iPhone15 will be upgraded with charging speed as well as data transmission. Overcoming 2 weaknesses so far of all iPhones.


iPhone 15
iPhone 15

Performance Of iPhone 15


There is news that Apple enthusiasts are quite looking forward to when a research company in Taiwan – TrendForce has revealed that Apple is considering to upgrade the RAM level of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max . This rumor is completely grounded and if this is true, these two high-end phones promise to be multi-tasking phone versions that make users extremely impressed.

Chip 5G

Qualcomm’s 5G modem is not the optimal solution, but with the iPhone 15 series , it is likely that Apple will continue to use this chip. The Apple side explains that although it is not desirable, the cost of modems is very high and this makes the cost to manufacture phones also increase significantly.

Update some other news that the Apple side has planned to manufacture the modem itself and will be released in 2024. This event can help this US technology company save costs and replace completely All with Apple chips.


Upgrade 6 lens camera to 8 lens? This information has not been clarified or proven 100%, but it is very possible for Apple to “openly” upgrade the camera. This improvement will make the iPhone 15 capable of capturing extremely good focus and light to produce better quality images.

There are many rumors surrounding this issue, the most prominent of which is that Apple will equip a new telephoto lens that can enhance the optical zoom capabilities of the phone. For those of you who don’t understand, up to now, even the latest iPhone , iPhone 14 Pro Max, only supports 3x optical zoom and 30x technical zoom. Therefore, Apple’s investment in upgrading to “eat points” with users is a completely possible rumor.

Physical Button Replaced With Touch Button

Another shocking news for Apple enthusiasts here, the iPhone 15 series will be changed to the power button and volume key from the light physical form of the force-sensitive button. The best point about this button is its better durability than the traditional button.

In addition, there are a few functions such as water resistance and does not take up much space inside the device. Not to mention, this touch button can give users a feeling that is not much different from a physical button thanks to the Taptic engine. This type of engine helps to generate a reaction force on the user’s hand. Therefore, the replacement of the physical button with a touch button, although not too new, is also considered an expected improvement of the iPhone 15 .

Comfortable Internet Access With 5G

One piece of information that needs to be mentioned and mentioned is that Apple will develop a 5G chip line for users of the iOS ecosystem to have a better network experience. However, for now, this is just a rumor, and whether 5G technology will be integrated on the iPhone 15 or not, it remains to be seen when it is released. Customers, let’s look forward to the event about iPhone 15 in the next period with KFS!

Healthy and Extended Battery Life

If in the previous period, many users were dissatisfied or not really satisfied with the iPhone’s battery life, most recent iPhone models, all lines are very well equipped in terms of battery life. According to analyst Ming-chi Kuo, the battery life of the upcoming iPhone will be greatly improved, the usage time will last 3-4 hours longer than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you are in need of a phone with a good battery, long endurance, then perhaps the iPhone 15 is one of the products that should be at the top of your choice!

iPhone 15 How Many Types?

Information from another reputable place that many Apple players may know is Leaks Apple Pro has revealed iPhone 15 is expected to have 4 versions including iPhone 15 , iPhone 15 Plus , iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra .

However, despite the evidence, nothing is 100% certain about the iPhone 15 version . According to Apple’s tradition, the Pro Max series is considered the most advanced line. If this information is true, Apple will replace the Pro Max series with Ultra and although there has been no official statement, Apple fans are looking forward to this improvement.

iPhone 15 How Many Color Versions Are There?

On March 23, Apple Design site posted the iPhone 15 concept . In particular, this iPhone 15 series will have a total of 6 extremely eye-catching colors, in line with modern trends and extremely prominent. Namely: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Red. In particular, the pink iPhone 15 version is expected to be the “trendy” color of Apply because it is too luxurious and too beautiful.

iPhone 15 When Will Launch?

A lot of expectations towards the iPhone 15 will be released this year, specifically September 2023. Because if you are interested in Apple products, you will know the trend and tradition of launching a new phone line in September every year. Maybe that’s why so many of us assume that every new iPhone will be released in September. Let’s see if this is still true in 2023!

iPhone 15 Specs Sheet Update (Plus, Pro, Pro Max, Ultra)

Please refer to the specifications table of the iPhone 15 series below, which is updated by KFS in the most complete and detailed way!

Specifications iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Ultra
Screen 6.1 inch 6.7 inch 6.1 inch 6.7 inch
Resolution 1.170 x 2.532


1.284 x 2.778


1.170 x 2.778


1.284 x 2.778


Pixel density 326 ppi 326 ppi 457 ppi 457 ppi
Processor Apple A16 Bionic Apple A16 Bionic Apple A17 Bionic Apple A17 Bionic
Internal memory 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Front camera 12MP 12MP 12MP 12MP
Rear camera 12MP + 12MP 12MP + 12MP 48MP + 12MP + 12MP + 12MP 48MP + 12MP + 12MP + 12MP


Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Red Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Red Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Red Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Red
Battery capacity 4,200 mAh 4,200 mAh 4,300 mAh 4,400 mAh
Connect 5G 5G 5G 5G


Above is all the extremely hot information about the iPhone 15 that KFS has compiled. What do you think about this upcoming iPhone 15 series? Very promising and very much looking forward to, isn’t it?

Leave a comment about your opinion and don’t forget to follow KFS to get the latest updates on this iPhone 15 series ! Thank you for your interest in the article.

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