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Repair Services

Why Kfs Service ?

Repair Services

KFS Service with many years of experience in repairing technological devices such as: Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Apple Watches, etc., always strives to bring prestigious and professional services along with quality service. better for customers.

Saving, Optimizing

Accurate error checking, always offer replacement solutions, low cost phone repair, saving time. At KFS Service, we value your time and always try to serve with fast and accurate speed.

KFS Service's Commitment

100% refund if not satisfied with the service.
Warranty 6 – 12 months after repair. The toll-free hotline 0708 963 966 & 0903 963 966 is always ready to answer questions about repair services at KFS Service.

Nationwide Service

KFS Service provides nationwide phone repair warranty service. Customers in remote provinces can send products via express delivery. We will check, quote, repair and send to customers through reputable shipping partners.

Warranty & Repair Policy

Warranty Policy

Warranty policy is an integral part of every service at KFS Service. Hope our return-warranty policy can help you feel more secure in the process of using the product

Warranty lookup

Look up warrantyWith the online warranty period lookup tool right below. KFS Service wishes to send to customers the most convenience to easily track, as well as demonstrate transparency for all products / services provided by KFS.

Warranty lookup

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