4 Way To Distinguish IPhone Code Distributed In Countries Around The World

4 way to Distinguish iPhone Code Distributed in Countries Around the World

Distinguishing the iPhone code is probably something that everyone is interested in when they want to renew their mobile phone. However, if you are not an expert, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish because there are many iPhone codes in use. To know more, let’s learn about iPhone codes distributed in countries around the world with KFS!

Distinguishing iPhone Codes Of Countries

The first element, which is the symbol that indicates the type. As far as KFS knows, there will be 4 machine cases as follows:

  • M: The telltale sign is a new commercial.
  • N: The telltale sign is a warranty exchange.
  • F: A telltale sign that it is a Refurbished item, also known as a CPO (Apple Certified Pre-Owned).
  • 3: A sign that identifies it as a display item.

Next, the last 2 symbols will help you understand the information and distinguish the iPhone distribution code distributed in countries around the world. KFS invites you to see the statistics table below!

Code Distributing at Code Distributing at
A/A  Canada, Malaysia HE HAS Older brother
AB/A Egypt, Jordan IP/A Italy, Portugal
AB/B United Arab Emirates D/Y Japan, Philippines
YES/NO Saudi Arabic K Sweden
B/A England, Ireland, Malta KH/A Korea
BG/A Bulgaria KN/A Denmark, Norway
BR/A Braxin (Assembled in Brazil) KS/A  Finland, Sweden
BT/A  Older brother THE America
BZ/A Braxin (Assembled in China) THE A Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatamela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru và Cộng hòa Dominica
C/A Canada THE/A Argentina
CI/A Paraguay LL/A America
CL/A Canada LP/A Poland, Lithuania
CN/A Czech Republic, Slovakia LV/A Latvia
CM/A Croatia & Hungary LZ/A Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
CH/A China MG/A Hungary
CR/A Croatia MM/A Macedonia, Montenegro


CS/A Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bratislava MY/A Malaysia
CZ/A Czech Republic ND/A Netherlands
D/A Germany, Austria NF/A France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland
DM/A Virtue PA/A Indonesia
DN/A Germany, Netherlands, Austria PL/A Poland
IT’S AT Mexico, Paskitan, Sweden PO/A Portugal
EE/A Estonia PP/A Philippines
ER/A Ireland PY/A Spain
AND/A Ethiopia QN/A Qatar
F/A France, Luxembourg RM/A that
FB/A France, Luxembourg RO/A Romania, Moldova
FD/A Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria RR/A No, Romania
FE/A Indonesia RS/A that
FN/A Indonesia RU/A that
GB/A Greece, Bulgaria SL/A Slovakia
GH/A Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria SO/A South Africa
GP/A Portugal T/A Germany, Italy
GR/A Greek TA/A Taiwan
HB/A Israel TH/A Thailand
HC/A Hungary YOU/YOU Türkiye
HN/A India TY/A Italy, Spain
ID/A Indonesia VN/A Vietnam
HE HAS Older brother VC/A  Canada
IP/A Italy, Portugal X/A Australia, New Zealand
GB/A Greece, Bulgaria ALREADY Spain
GH/A Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria Z/A Singapore, Brunei, Czech Republic
GP/A Portugal ZD/A Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
GR/A Greek ZG/A Denmark
HB/A Israel DAY/Y  America
HC/A Hungary ZO/A Older brother
HN/A India ZP/A Hong Kong, Australia, Macao, USA, Malaysia, Brunei
ID/A Indonesia ZQ/A Jamaica

How to Check iPhone Code Simple

There are many ways for you to check your own iPhone country code or check the device when you buy it. Let’s refer to the following 3 typical and easy ways!

Phone Check

This is considered the simplest way because almost everyone applies it. You can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Go to General Settings

Step 3: Continue to click on About section

Step 4: You can check the iPhone code information of other countries in the Model section.

Tool Check

For those of you who don’t know, we can completely use the support of a tool like 3uTools to check our iPhone code. How to check is not too difficult and please follow the steps below!

Step 1: Download 3uTools to your computer.

Step 2: Connect the phone to be tested with the computer via a cable

Step 3: Access to 3uTools, look for Sales Model and Sales Region, this will tell you the detailed iPhone code .

Website Check

Being able to check by website is the way to make many people the number 2 priority after checking by phone. And a lot of people also think that this is a fairly common and easy way to check. You can refer to this test by following these steps!

Step 1: Go to https://iphonemodel.com/

Step 2: Copy the iPhone code in the About section here

Step 2: Click the Search arrow

Step 3: You will get iPhone related information such as country of manufacture, operating system, etc.

Some Things You Need To Know About iPhone Codes

The iPhone code will tell users where the different distribution is, not where the product is manufactured as many people mistakenly believe. In simple words for everyone to understand, whether the product is manufactured in China, Vietnam or in the US, the product quality is completely the same because it is manufactured according to the same technology and production line.

In fact, Apple products distributed in countries will have some minor distinctions that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Some countries have regulations on taking pictures or ban taking pictures and filming in public places. Therefore, these iPhones will not be muted and will make a sound when taking pictures. Specifically in some countries like Japan and Korea.
  • Rows C, Z, and ZP usually use 3-pin chargers
  • In some countries, the device will not have a lock version, only international versions like Z, ZP.


The above information is summarized and streamlined by KFS. If you have any questions regarding these iPhone codes , you can comment or contact KFS for answers!

Visit KFS Service today and experience their exceptional customer service for yourself.”

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