Replace Screen IPad Air 5, IPad Pro, IPad Mini In Tan Binh District

Replace screen iPad Air 5, iPad Pro, iPad Mini in Tan Binh district

Replace screen iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini in Tan Binh district

Replace screen iPad
Replace screen iPad

The screen is one of the most important components on an iPad. The only way to fix a malfunctioning iPad screen that is unresponsive, faulty, or completely dead is to replace it with a genuine iPad screen. Are you having trouble finding a reliable place to replace the screen on your iPad Air, Pro, or Mini in Tan Binh district? Come to KFS Service to repair your iPad and replace its screen with a genuine one.

When do you need to repair or replace your iPad screen?

During use, it is common for your iPad screen to become damaged due to drops or collisions. There are some cases where the iPad screen can be repaired without the need for replacement, which can save you some costs. For example, if your iPad screen is cracked but the display and touch functions still work normally, you only need to repair it by replacing the glass instead of the entire screen. However, if your iPad screen is no longer repairable, replacing the screen is the last solution you can do. Here are the cases where you need to replace your tablet screen:

  • The screen is moldy, yellowed, and has many vertical or horizontal lines.
  • The screen is cracked, leaking ink and cannot display images.
  • The touch screen is unresponsive and cannot be operated.
  • The screen is too bright, blurry, color blurred or displays incorrect colors.

If your iPad tablet shows these signs, quickly bring it to a reputable repair and warranty center like KFS Service for timely troubleshooting without affecting other parts of the device.

How much does it cost to replace an iPad Air screen?

Currently, the cost of replacing a screen for an iPad Air is not too expensive. The cost of replacing an iPad screen will depend on various factors such as the degree of screen damage, the timing of repairing the model you are using. Therefore, if you really need to replace or repair your iPad screen with genuine Apple parts in Tan Binh district now, please contact KFS Service at 0708.963.966 – 0903.963.966 for advice and pricing for replacing screens for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Gen, iPad Mini as soon as possible.

Address for genuine iPad screen replacement with good quality in Tan Binh district KFS Service is one of the well-known Apple tablet repair centers for many iPad users in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City. With a team of experienced technicians and modern equipment, we are proud to offer repair solutions for almost all issues of the latest iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini models. All services at KFS Service in general and especially the cheap iPad screen replacement service are aimed at providing absolute customer satisfaction and the best quality. Therefore, if your iPad tablet has any screen issues, quickly bring it to KFS Service for timely advice and repair.

Advantages of genuine iPad screen replacement service at KFS Service:

  • Genuine and high-quality iPad screen repair and replacement parts
  • Transparent pricing, no overcharging, and suitable for all customer segments
  • The repair process is conducted publicly, so customers can be completely assured that there is no component swapping
  • Quick iPad screen replacement time so that customers can get it immediately when needed
  • Long-term warranty policy, free replacement support if any issues arise after the repair.
  • KFS Service – Specializing in repairing Macbook, Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch, and all types of laptops.

    • Branch 1: 05B Pho Quang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District
    • Branch 2: No. 02 Dong Nai Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
    • Branch 3: 104 Nguyen Van Thuong (D1), Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Working hours: Monday – Sunday (8:00 am – 8:00 pm)

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